Inspection services for your home, condo, chalet or multi-unit property.

Pre-purchase inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is essential when acquiring a property. It allows a better understanding of the overall condition of the building so that you can assess the size of your investment and make an informed decision. A visual inspection identifies apparent defects on components such as :

Be a prudent and diligent buyer. An inspection will help you reduce costly surprises following its purchase and will, in some cases, allow you to negotiate the purchase price. It might also help to avoid many unpleasant problems such as :

Pre-reception inspection

During a new construction protect yourself with a pre-reception inspection, and make sure you are accompanied by a certified inspector.

A pre-reception inspection is mandatory according to the GCR guarantee plan for new residential buildings. You will need a knowledgeable and independent eye to help you spot apparent defects and construction defects. With a visual inspection, we validate whether the work was carried out according to the Construction Code and the manufacturer’s installation guides. You would be surprised how often anomalies are found.

By noting these problems before you move in, you allow your contractor to make the necessary corrections and ensure that your home construction warranty is valid.

Site monitoring

Leave nothing to chance. During the construction of a new home or major renovations to a building, each major step of the work should be inspected to allow you to identify construction defects and poor workmanship before it is too late. Our visual inspection ensures that the work was carried out according to the Construction Codes and the manufacturers’ installation guides.

Pre-sale inspection

Are you looking to sell your property ?

Find out more about the condition of your building in order to be better prepared for buyers’ negotiations. Real estate transactions can have legal consequences and a pre-sale inspection can allow you to reduce the risks associated with latent defects.

You receive a full report helping you understand the problems observed and their consequences. It is accompanied by supporting photos and recommendations to help you find the necessary solutions.


Do you have specific concerns about your property?

Whether it is water infiltration, an insulation problem, cracks, mould, a hidden defect or a construction defect, Vision Bâtiment is there to advise you.

We can inspect specific elements of your building to identify anomalies and make recommendations to build an appropriate plan of action.

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